About Granoland

Our quality of service Granoland offers you the possibility to live in the midst of nature's splendour with our nature-inspired goods. Mother Earth's aesthetics have found a permanent home in our products, and we've responded to her appeal in a spectacular way. Nature's warmth is deeply embedded in our product's fineness, and her glory is reflected in its gloss. Nature's strength is also no exception for our products as sturdy foundations form the cornerstone of our products.

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40+ Export
12.6 Million Sqm./year
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We always strive to diversify our product offering and provide a variety of tiling options to be the most unique selection and superior service bucket in the ceramic business. At Granoland, we seek to expand the portfolio and offer multiple tiling solutions. We also lead the ceramic industry with our exclusive collection and exceptional service that devises a paradigm of long-term growth that benefits everyone.


Granoland seeks innovation in terms of design and technology. We maintain a constant state of evolution in accordance with market trends and establish a productive working atmosphere for our employees and community.

Why Granoland ?

From architecture to interior design

Beyond The Innovation

Ceramics are a material that cannot always be completely controlled, as they are made from a combination of water, earth, and fire; the end outcome is determined by human intervention as well as natural factors. Granoland investigates and tests the substance and aesthetics of these materials in order to create genuine pieces of art rather than just products. Our product development approach is influenced by various aspects of architecture, design, and the arts.


Discover All Elegance

The classic elegance of natural marbles is translated into stoneware and creates the most sophisticated Granoland Products: glossy, rocker and matt surfaces combined with an irresistible contemporary appeal accentuated by the sizes of 60x120cm, 30x60cm, and 60x60cm. With a grand marble look, the Granoland product's effect becomes even more charming, paving the way for projects that are highly ambitious in terms of size and aspirations, as well as endless tailor-made solutions.